100 Star Present
100 Star Present


Game Grumps Animated



Origin (Game)

Mario Party 2 Revengeance

Origin (Episode)

Every Emotion Ever


Bowser is renowned for his generosity.

Release date

April 1, 2013





100 Star Present is a special "Grep Animated" episode, released as an April Fools' Day joke.

Transcript Edit

  • Jon: I can't stop- Oh, he's gonna take all my coins.
  • Arin: Oh my God.
  • Jon: This is fucking agony. Why do we play this game? It's agony, dude! It's absolute-
  • Arin: Just keep going Jon! Believe in yourself! Don't-
  • Jon: Oh I got 100 Star Present!
  • Arin: What?
  • Jon: It's just- Look, look! Watch, he's like- [Bowser runs] He just bailed!
  • Arin: [claps] No warning?
  • Jon: Oh my God, I'm light-headed.
  • Arin: Oh that's the best!
  • Jon: Oh my God, I'm light-headed. He just bails.
  • Arin: Look it, he's like. "100 star present! [pauses] I'm fucking out of here!"
  • Jon: Yeah, he totally does! Like, I love how he has to be fair for some reason. He's like "shit."
  • Arin: No no no no. It's more like, it's more like "100 star present!" [Runs out of room and slams door]

During credits Edit

  • Arin: [makes random noises]
  • Jon: Keep going before I break my arm.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first official Game Grumps animation to be based off of a Game Grumps VS episode.
  • This is also the first animation to be released on a day other than Sunday.
  • This animation uses the Grumps' faces from the Grep logo, introduced in Sunny Day.
  • The uploading of 100 Star Present is the first time the Game Grumps have uploaded a special video for a holiday, in this case April Fools' Day.
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