For the Pokémon FireRed episode of the same name, see A Bug's Life (Pokémon FireRed Version).
A Bug's Life (game)
Series Game Grumps
Console N64
Episodes 1
Playlist One game; one episode.
Run June 21, 2013
Status One-off

A Bug's Life is the thirty-second one-off game played by Jon and Arin on Game Grumps, and the last one-off game to feature Jon.

Episode[edit | edit source]

Game information[edit | edit source]

A Bug's Life is a video game based on the Disney·Pixar film of the same name. It was released for various systems in 1998 and in 1999. The game's storyline is similar to that of the movie, with a few changes. After completing levels, the player can unlock real clips from the movie. Its, Sega Saturn, and Dreamcast versions were cancelled.

Though the film was Roddy McDowall's final theatrical performance, the game was his final work before his death.

A Bug's Life is a platform game with different goals in each of 15 levels. Most of the goals deal with getting the main character, Flik, to do events that match the storyline of the movie. When the player finishes a level, that player can proceed to the next level. Each new level starts with a new short animation from the movie. If the player collects all of the bonus items in a level, that player gets a bonus movie. Bonus items include 50 pieces of grain, four letters that spell F-L-I-K (similar to the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation versions of Disney's Tarzan) and permanently finishing off each enemy bug. Floating telescopes guide the player through each level.

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