Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
Series Game Grumps
Guest Grumps
Console NES
Episodes 3 + 1
Playlist Explore the Happiest Place on Earth(tm) with Arin and Jon, NES-style!
Run October 12, 2012
October 14, 2012
October 17, 2012
June 7th, 2019
Status Quit

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom is the fourteenth game played by Jon and Arin on Game Grumps. Arin eventually played the game with Danny in Guest Grumps with Ben Schwartz.


The Game Grumps quit the game due to difficulty.


Game GrumpsEdit

  1. Haunted Mansion
  2. Wild Goof Chase
  3. Thrill and Thrall

Guest GrumpsEdit

Game informationEdit

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom is a video game released in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Its soundtrack was composed by Yoko Shimomura who later scored the Kingdom Hearts series. The game places you as a nameless main character. Goofy left the golden key for the castle gate inside, and Mickey Mouse asks for the player's help to find six silver keys needed to open the Cinderella Castle gate and allow the Disney parade to begin. After completing this task, Mickey congratulates the player and the parade begins. Although the cover art and title suggest that the game is intended to depict the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, the location of attractions within the in-game overworld map suggests a layout more akin to Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

The player must complete five different stages, modeled after rides in Disney theme parks, as well as a trivia quest in order to retrieve the set of keys. Players choose which stage to play by walking around the park in the game's overworld map.The game features two vehicle stages with a top-down perspective. One of these stages is based on the Autopia ride and is a driving game in which the player must avoid various obstacles in a race against the villainous Panhandle Pete. The second, based on Big Thunder Mountain has the player controlling a train on a track and having to choose from the right path to take while avoid obstacles. There are also two side scrolling stages. In the Haunted Mansion stage, the player must defeat ghosts by throwing candles at them to retrieve one of the keys. The other side-scrolling stage is based on Pirates of the Caribbean and the player must rescue six villagers from pirates who have raided an island. The Space Mountain stage is a first-person stage in which the player boards a spaceship with the mission to reach a certain star, maneuvering through asteroids while shooting enemy ships with a phaser. The trivia game is available to play at any time. Several children around the park ask the player questions about Disney films and characters; if these are answered correctly, the children will reveal the location of the final silver key.

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  • Adventures in the Magic Kingdom was going to be one of the featured games in Jon's lost episode of his show JonTron looking at Disney Land games.

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