Adventures of Yogi Bear
Adventures of Yogi Bear
Series Template:Game Grumps
Console SNES
Episodes 1
Playlist None
Run March 5th, 2015
Status One-Off
One-Off Game Guide
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Adventures of Yogi Bear is an SNES game played by Danny and Arin as a one-off on Game Grumps. It was sent to the show by KC Green.

Episode Edit

Game Information Edit

Adventures of Yogi Bear is a platform game in which the player controls Yogi Bear and must progress through five levels representing Yogi's home, Jellystone Park. Jellystone Park must not be turned into a chemical dumping zone; only Yogi can prevent that from happening.

The player must navigate through various climate zones (includingtundra, swamps, and grasslands) in order to retrieve the picnic baskets. Collecting 100 time clocks allow players to receive an additional life. Enemies in the game include bats, skunks, weasels, ghosts, and other assorted baddies.

Players can also ride on mine carts and participate in surfing while using a beaver for a makeshift surfboard.

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