"Alarmingly Handsome Boss"
Episode 10
Series Game Grump
Game Mega Man X
Description This cockroach guy just won’t die… or will he? Either way he's hansome.
Release Date November 6th, 2016
Length 14:49
Link MegaMan X: Alarmingly Handsome Boss - PART 10 - Game Grump
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"Alarmingly Handsome Boss" is the tenth episode of Arin's solo playthrough of Mega Man X on Game Grump.

Game Progress Edit

Arin decides to cut himself some slack and use the abilities he's gotten to reach the boss again to speed things up, and switches back to Buster-only to fight Boomer Kuwanger. After struggling to fight him no fewer than four times, he finally succeeds and moves on to Bosspider, beating him after a couple of tries.

Discussions Edit

Arin talks about how important it is to find value in the things you make, though he's very happy about people who find joy in the series and how the show has value to them as well. He also mentions how glad he is that Sequelitis has been helpful to up and coming game designers, such as the creator of Escape Goat. Arin still argues that people should not judge their self-worth by what they produce, but should instead focus on personal happiness. He then hops off that personal tangent by ranting about how he wants Boomer Kuwanger to fuck him in the butt.

Arin discusses some of his plans to get a tattoo, and how people argue against tattoos by saying they'll wrinkle with age. Arin argues back that aging is unavoidable anyway, so he should just embrace it. Arin then reiterates his thoughts on anger, and how losing to Boomer Kuwanger would have made him upset for the rest of the day if he held on to it. Arin detours into some thoughts about religion, and how his therapy sessions have given him a personal outlook on life rather than a religious one.

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