"Why don't you play on Level 20 and start Brian Wrecht-ing this shit?!"
— Arin

"Almost Winners"
Episode 1
Dr Mario Part 1
Series Grumpcade
Game Dr. Mario
Description Check out these scrubs.
Release Date November 18th, 2015
Length 13:07
Link Dr. Mario: Almost Winners - PART 1 - Grumpcade
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"Synchronized Goopage"

"Almost Winners" is the first episode of Dr. Mario on Grumpcade.

Gameplay Edit

Brian starts playing the game at Level 7 at Medium speed. Later on, the three switch off playing the game at Level 15 to prove who the best Dr. Mario player of all time is.

Discussions Edit

Arin pokes fun at the way Dr. Mario and the virus dance in the title screen.

Brian talks about his PhD, and how he played Dr. Mario a lot years ago.

The three have a fight over what Dr. Mario music is the best. Brian threatens to turn the music off altogether if the fighting doesn’t stop.

The three start to argue about who is the best at Dr. Mario. Throughout the episode Arin hounds on Brian and Barry for their sub-par gameplay, and for not playing on the higher difficulties.

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