"Amazingly Amazing"
Episode 89
Super Mario Maker 89
Series Game Grumps
Game Super Mario Maker
Description You spin my head right round right round.
Release Date March 14th, 2016
Length 13:28
Link Super Mario Maker: Amazingly Amazing - PART 89 - Game Grumps
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Amazingly Amazing is the eighty-ninth episode of Super Mario Maker on Game Grumps.

Gameplay Edit

Arin once again tries to beat Spinning Is An Art. Eventually he gets on a streak of evading death, and beats the level by the end of the episode.

Level Code Edit

Discussions Edit

Danny talks about Magic Sword, a band that hands out plastic light sabers at their concerts.

Danny talks about Mark Whalberg, who the two know primarily for Good Vibrations. This leads to a talk about their karaoke, and Pearl Jam.

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