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"America's New Smash Sensation"
Family Feud
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Family Feud
Description This smells.
Release Date September 11, 2012
Length 26:30
Link Game Grumps VS - America's New Smash Sensation - Game Grumps
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America's New Smash Sensation is an episode of Game Grumps VS and the only episode of Family Feud with Jon and Arin. The same game was played later with Danny and Arin.

Gameplay Edit

Arin plays as the family Bigdix, and Jon plays as the Eagers. Jon winds up on the Fast Money round, implicitly winning the round even though no winner is declared in the episode.

At the 16-minute mark in the episode, Arin inputs the phrase "C D Player" as an answer, and the game's faulty text parser interprets it as "Model Car". This causes both Jon and Arin to flip out.

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