Arin talks about Mac and Chee
Arin Talks about Mac and Chee


Game Grumps Animated



Origin (Game)

Sonic Adventure DX

Origin (Episode)

Sank to the Bottom


Release date

January 22nd, 2016




[ Game Grumps Animated - Arin talks about Mac and Chee - by Grind3h

Arin talks about Mac and Chee is an official episode of Game Grumps Animated by Grind3h, who also animated the music video for The New Pokerap. It uses audio from the Sonic Adventure DX episode Sank to the Bottom.

The Animation Edit

Arin proclaims that he can’t go wrong with coupons for Kraft Cheese. Danny talks about “doing” macaroni and ramen in his 20’s, as represented with him in a bed with those foods. Arin claims to have a “mac & chee” phase. Danny claims his lasted from age 12 to 23, but Arin claims that his has gone on his whole life. He then claims that everyone loves mac & cheese, and that chicken alfredo, lasagna, and rigatoni with cheese are essentially mac & cheese. Danny then asks a sick, crippled kid named Billy about his favorite Game Grumps episode. Bill immediately says it’s the one “where Arin talked about macaroni for a long time.” Arin and Danny laugh at this answer. Arin then asks Billy about his surgery. The stinger, however, shows that Billy has died.

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