"Avoiding Death!?!"
Episode 8
Series Steam Train
Game Undertale
Description Ohh snap...
Release Date January 17th, 2016
Length 15:28
Link Undertale Genocide: Avoiding Death!?! - PART 8 - Steam Train
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"Avoiding Death!?!" is the eighth episode of the Undertale Genocide run on Steam Train.

Gameplay Edit

Ross and Barry carry on through Waterfall, and take a detour through the deserted Temmie Village.

Monster Kid, who up until then has been walking by their side, realizes their evil intent and tries to stop them. As Ross and Barry attack him, Undyne takes the hit and almost dies, but through determination she is able to transform into Undyne the Undying.

Discussions Edit

Barry jokes about how many people dislike his "fish voice" that he uses to read Undyne's lines.

External Links Edit

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