Baby Daddy
Baby Daddy


Game Grumps Animated



Origin (Game)

Who's Your Daddy

Origin (Episode)

Who's Your Daddy


Release date

June 23rd, 2016




Game Grumps Animated - Baby Daddy - by KLN

Baby Daddy is an official episode of Game Grumps Animated by KLN. It uses audio from the Steam Train one-off episode Who's Your Daddy.

The Animation Edit

Brian is a baby and Ross is his father. Brian notes that he's eaten a ton of batteries, and that they were delicious. Ross then prevents him from getting into the trash can. Brian then says that he will refer to Ross as "Daddy", then repeatedly says "Stop me Daddy". Ross tells him that he's being very naughty. Brian then finds a hammer in the trash can, which he says he will use to hit Ross' knees. Ross demands that he put the hammer down, which he responds with a hammer swing that knocks him down. Ross then looks for something to medicate Brian as he goes up to the bathroom to prepare a noose. Ross is surprised that there is a bathtub. He takes away the stepladder to prevent Brian from hanging himself, but then slips on a bar of soap and dies from the impact of landing in the bathtub. Brian is declared the winner for this. Brian then gloats at Ross' corpse.

In the stinger, the Grumps are at a dinner, and Ross demands that Ross say "I'm a sexy little baby." After saying this, he says he will eat more batteries, as he puts on a occulus rift.

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