"Ball Buffet"
Episode 18
Super Mario Maker Part 18
Series Game Grumps
Game Super Mario Maker
Description Try out Jirard’s level!

Hanging by a thread: 9F8B-0000-0027-04FB The Lava Escapades of 1984: 0D7A-0000-0038-3C23 The lava Escapades ’84: Prequel

Release Date October 14th, 2015
Length 11:57
Link Super Mario Maker: Ball Buffet - PART 18 - Game Grumps
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"Ball Buffet" is the eighteenth episode of Super Mario Maker on Game Grumps.

Gameplay Edit

Arin beats Hanging by a thread within a minute of the start of the episode. Next, he and Danny move on to The Lava Escapades of 1984, a Super Mario World level which requires the player to start spin jumping over a lava pit immediately, followed by a vine that leads to a Bowser Jr. However, Arin’s able to beat the level by sheer will and a little luck. Arin follows this up immediately with The Lava Escapades ’84: Prequel. Much like the first one, this level is in the style of Super Mario World and requires spin jumping throughout.

Level codes:

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