"Banana Hoarding"
Episode 1
Donkey Kong Country 1
Series Game Grumps
Game Donkey Kong Country
Description They took your nanners. Time to take 'em back.
Release Date November 16, 2012
Length 10:13
Link Donkey Kong Country: Banana Hoarding - PART 1 - Game Grumps
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"Monkey Mines"

"Banana Hoarding" is the first episode of Donkey Kong Country.

Intro Edit

Arin: Heyy, welcome to Gam- Gam Smash.

Discussion Edit

  • Jon and Arin talk about their opinions on Donkey Kong Country. It is one of Jon's favorite games, but Arin only thinks it's okay. Arin does his best to not speak negatively about the game.
  • Arin jokes about the television show Hoarders. Jon says he doesn't understand the hoarding mentality, although the discussion doesn't lead anywhere.

Trivia Edit

  • When having difficulty on a level, including Arin dying with a DK barrel in his hand, Jon was about to say "Let me show you how a real man does it," but instantly lost a life before he had the chance.
  • The Grumps described that Donkey Kong's banana hoard was a bad habit of keeping old, brown bananas. When doing improv, they try to help Donkey Kong come over his addiction, but he refuses by saying "NO! I love my bananas!"
  • The Grumps reference the comical question about why there are still monkeys if humans evolved from them, followed by Birdo's appearance.
  • Barry considers this episodes one of his favorites to edit, due to Birdo's appearance.[1]
  • Birdo's appearance is a reference to the tune JonTron was using during his "Circles and circles and circles" chant; it was Birdo's theme from Super Mario 2.
  • Barry has said that one of things he doesen't like about video editing is "Spending hours on a single joke then coming to a realization that it's possible no one will get it"[2]. He once tweeted "Just spent waaayy too much time editing a few seconds. Hopefully people will get the "joke" (in quotes because I don't even know anymore)"[3], later that day, he tweeted "Okay, some people seem to be getting my random/obscure joke 4 minutes in. A sigh of relief" and a link to this video.

Outro Edit

Jon: Okay, next time on Game Grumps, more Donkey Kong! [unintelligible noises]
Arin: Why don't you just end our episode one time with, "Next time on Game Grumps, we play more of the same game." Can't you just do that?!

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