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Barry Nathan Kramer (born December 3, 1989 in Los Angeles, CA) is an American editor, writer, actor, and YouTube personality known for serving as a long-time editor for Game Grumps, main host of for Table Flip and occasional host for Steam train and Grumpcade from September of 2012 until December 21, 2017.[1][2][3] Barry is a graduate of the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University where he concentrated his studies on Video Game Theory and Design with a minor in the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology.

Barry was a former co-host of Table Flip, an occasional host of Steam Train and Grumpcade, and, most notably, one of the former editors of Game Grumps, alongside Kevin, Matt and Ryan. He also produced and hosted his own spin-off show, How About This Game?, on the GrumpOut channel. Since leaving Game Grumps, Barry has started his own YouTube channel, continuing his How About This Game? series, while also regularly streaming on Twitch.

Game Grumps

Barry in the Game Grumps polo shirt and a sick pair of shades

Barry was one of the editors of Game Grumps. His duties included everything other than the actual recording: editing, scheduling, uploading, and making the episode titles, descriptions, and thumbnails. He took this role so that Jon and Arin could dedicate themselves more to their own series. He was chosen for this role mainly because he lived with Jon at the time. Barry Kramer was brought on board the team and fully hired on September 2012 to help edit the show while Jafari and Hanson worked on their own shows. Barry's role as editor was originally kept as a secret until the Battletoads episode. From his introduction until his departure, he became both an important and a popular part of Game Grumps. His gimmick was that he never spoke in any of his appearances.

Barry created one special Game Grumps Animated, as an April Fools' Day joke, called "Grep Animated". He later did another one in July, 2015, called "Lost at Sea".

Barry has, so far, appeared in every episode of Steam Rolled, where Steam Train challenged Game Grumps to a 2v2 battle in Quake III Arena, Counter-Strike:_Global_Offensive, and Worms Armageddon. The fourth episode was a free for all between Arin, Barry, Ross and Suzy in Mario Party 4. At the end of CS:GO, Barry spoke for the first time, simply saying "thanks for having me." So far, Barry has won, or been on the winning team in every game they have played on Steam Rolled, except for the TowerFall episode and the Fortune Street series which were won by Arin. After being featured four times as a guest, Barry made his first official appearance on Steam Train in the episode Cliffhorse, and became a regular host until his departure in 2017.

In mid-2014, the Grumps decided to hire a new editor to take up main editing duties while Barry worked on other projects. Following this decision, Kevin was hired and Barry became a regular host for Steam Train and Grumpcade, while also working on other projects such as helping Arin with Sequelitis and occasionally editing. Starting in mid-2016, Barry also began producing his own series where he analyzes and discusses certain aspects of games, called How About This Game?. This show was hosted on the GrumpOut channel, and was produced sporadically, with six months of production time between the first two episodes. Since his departure, Barry has continued producing How About This Game? on his own channel.

After hiring Matt and Ryan to edit the show in late 2016, Barry was left with no more editing responsibilities, and in early 2017 the Grumps overhauled the middle slot of their regular content uploads following Ross' decision to work full time on other projects. As a result, Barry began working on different projects, which included experimental shows and ideas such as World Famous, The G Club and shorts like Our House. On December 21st, Barry announced on his Twitter account that he was officially leaving Game Grumps after five years.[4] He still remains on good terms with the rest of the Grumps, and is open to the idea of collaborating with them on the channel again.


Barry assisted Jon in the making of some of his videos, co-writing various episodes (such as DinoCity BRO!!!Starfox Adventures: Stairfax Temperatures, and 6 Horrible Boss Battles) and helping Jon shoot the live action segments of his videos. He has also starred in the Minecraft Hardcore series, the DayZ Hardcore series and the Terraria Hardcore series by Austin "PeanutButterGamer" Hargrave on his secondary channel PBGGameplay, alongside Jon. He also assisted Ross in the filming of the live action skit of his The GapDerpcraft short. He also did the audio and lighting for Suzy's London Fashion Week video, with Arin and Chris "OneyNG" O'Neil. He has appeared in multiple of the band Ninja Sex Party's music videos, including Let's Get This Terrible Party Started!, Road Trip, 6969, Attitude City and many more.

Game development

Barry has contributed to the game design and audio of multiple games, including Soof, Thicket, and Ourobot. He is also considering developing his own games.


Barry is a graduate of the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University where he concentrated his studies on Video Game Theory and Design with a minor in the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology.

Personal Life

Barry was born in Beverly Hills, California. He has a brother, Alex Kramer, and is currently dating Bath.


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