"Battle Against a True Hero"
Episode 9.5
Series Steam Train
Game Undertale

Barry beat a boss between episodes which became the montage at the start of Undertale Genocide PART 10 ► This is the (mostly) uncut footage of all his attempts. As requested. Even though it's mostly silence. I ain't judgin'.

Release Date January 20th, 2016
Length 24:49
Link Lost Episode: Battle Against a True Hero - GrumpOut
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"Final Showdown"

"Battle Against a True Hero" is a lost episode of the Undertale Genocide run on Steam Train. It was posted to the GrumpOut channel.

It is a mostly uncut collection of footage of Barry's attempts to fight Undyne the Undying, which later formed the basis of the Undyne battle montage of the tenth episode. Most of the episode is spent in total silence, as Barry is trying to concentrate on beating the boss while Ross is out getting dinner. The episode also includes a death counter, keeping track of Barry's failures.

Discussions (kinda) Edit

Six minutes in, Brian bursts in and asks Barry to move his car, at which point Barry takes a break for dinner. We are then treated to live audio of the recording room being vacuumed for five and a half minutes.

Barry also pauses briefly to look up advice to beat the boss, and shows off what the encounter music for Monster Kid sounds like sped up, while Ross returns.

Ross briefly brings up the idea of hacking the game to give them extra healing items, or starting the run over to get items like the Butterscotch Pie.

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