Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril
Battle Kid Fortress of Peril.png
Series Game Grumps
Console NES
Episodes 3
Playlist Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril
Run October 18, 2014 - October 20, 2014
Status Quit

Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril is a custom-made NES game, the fifty-ninth game played by Danny and Arin, and the 131st series on Game Grumps.

The game was sent in to the show by David Almirall.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. Poo Castle
  2. Ice Cream and Bagels

Game Information[edit | edit source]

Battle Kid: Fortress Of Peril is a homebrew 2D platform video game, released in February 2010 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, created by Sivak Games, and published through Retrozone, with the cover art designed by YouTuber, Larry Bundy Jr. (who coincidentally had one of his shows intro animated by Ross).

Unlike most games in the modern era, Battle Kid is available for purchase only on a physical NES cartridge. While there has been a demand for a downloadable version, the developer has stated that the game is currently not planned to be released on any other formats due to a contract with Retrozone.

Battle Kid is very similar to I Wanna Be the Guy, an indie freeware game for the PC, in terms of the design of the main character and the projectile weapon he possesses, the trial-and-error difficulty, and instant death mechanics of all enemies and hazards. However, the similarities end here as the actual gameplay and control is much more in the likeness of Mega Man games on the NES and the boss fights at the end of each major stage. The main character, Timmy, can only be hit once before the player is greeted with a 'game over' screen; however, there are infinite continues and the player will start over from the last save point. There are also keys which unlock different areas of the fortress and enhancement cards which give the player a number of different abilities to overcome obstacles. There are over 500 individual rooms, over 30 different enemy types, and multiple difficulty settings.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This playthrough is only three episodes long because Arin is unable to surmount the boss fight against the Lotus Guardian and gives up after accidentally hitting an option to end the game on the game over screen. It would have been only two episodes long, as Arin had already grown frustrated with the game in the second episode, but Danny encouraged him on a little longer.
  • Ross makes a cameo in this playthrough at the end of the last episode, having witnessed Arin raging at the game from outside the window of the recording room and entering the room to ask if Arin was okay.
  • Arin's last attempt at the boss, according to Battle Kid files, takes 45 Hits to kill and his final attempt was 41 successfull hits.
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