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Benjamin "Ben" Anderson (born August 11, 1993) is the current editor for Game Grumps. He replaced Matt Watson and Ryan in May 2019 when they left to focus on SuperMega.

His first live on-screen appearance was on the 10 Minute Power Hour episode “Playing Pong with WEIRD SODAS”.


  • His first episode was an episode of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD called “Dead Link”.
  • Ever since he became the editor for the show, the titles of episodes have strayed from following the usual title format (Game Title: Episode Name - PART ## - Game Grumps). It is unknown whether this is because of the replacement or if it is simply a coincidence.
  • In the 10 Minute Power Hour episode Can you gold leaf while blindfolded??, Ben stated he is a member of the band “Buckwheat Groats”.