Best of Game Grumps


Arin Hanson
Danny Avidan
Ross O'Donovan
Barry Kramer
Suzy Berhow
Brian Wecht


Luke Anderson
Kevin Abernathy (editor)




February 18, 2015 - Present

Best of Game Grumps is a series of best of compilations featured on the Game Grumps channel. The scenes are compiled by Game Grumps fan Drej9. The series began in 2015, with videos being uploaded monthly featuring scenes from Game Grumps, Game Grumps VS, Guest Grumps, Steam Train, Steam Rolled, and Grumpcade videos from the previous month, as well as annually featuring the best clips of the previous year.





Trivia Edit

  • Each month, Drej9 creates a thread on the Game Grumps Subreddit asking lovelies for suggestions of clips to include in each upcoming compilation.
  • Before being approached by Arin to create official compilations for the Game Grumps channel, Drej9 uploaded monthly compilations to his own channel. Drej9 picked up the series after compiler applesgosh stopped uploading videos on his channel.
  • The first compilation, featuring videos from January 2015, only featured clips of Danny and Arin on Game Grumps and Game Grumps VS. It is possible that the compilations were originally only going to cover Game Grumps. However, the video for February 2015 included scenes from Grumpcade and Steam Train videos featuring guests ProJared and Commander Holly, respectively. Beginning with the compilation for March 2015, clips from all of the series on the channel are featured.
  • Starting January 10th, 2019, the Game Grumps introduces weekly compilations in addition to the “Best of” monthly and yearly compilations that air every Thursday in the 2nd slot.

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