Bicyclism EP
Bicyclism EP
Series Steam Rolled
Console PC
Episodes 1
Playlist None
Run November 28th, 2016
Status One-Off
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Sky Arena is a PC game played by Ross, Barry, Arin, and Matt on Steam Rolled.

Steam Game Description Edit

The premier digital playground for all bicycles!

Bicyclism EP is a physics based party game for up to 4 split-screen players. Play as your favorite bicycle and compete in traditional bicycle games like racing, jousting, soccer, space mushroom hunting, wrestling, etc.


  • 4 player split-screen!
  • 1 player single-screen!
  • Bots to race with if you're lonely
  • Race against your own ghosts
  • 3 beautiful worlds to race in, coming in at 10 levels a pop!
  • Each world has an alternate appearance
  • Rocking electronic soundtrack by Yuxxie
  • Multiple physics-based bicycles to play as, including the unicycle and penny farthing
  • 2 game modes, both split-screen enabled
  • Grand Prix - A race tour through one of 3 worlds
  • Remix - A random sequence of traditional bicycle games, such as wrestling and soccer
  • Bicycles!

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