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Brandon "Wazzaldorp" Turner (born October 12, 1997) is a British animator that has done many Game Grumps animated videos both on his own channel and on the official Game Grumps youtube page.

In addition to Game Grumps, Turner has animated for the online flash cartoon "Eddsworld" and for Ninja Sex Party

Game Grumps Animations

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  • Brandon is known to add himself into most of his Game Grumps animated videos.
  • He is also known for adding Jon or Danny into an animation, based on which era of Grumps.
  • Brandon is also known to draw the Grumps (mostly Arin) as gender bent versions of themselves.
  • Brandon's drawing of Pikachu was used in the thumbnail of Pokemon Art Academy: Tickling Brains - PART 19 - Grumpcade
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