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Brent Lilley


Brent Lilley is the manager of Game Grumps and NinjaSexParty.

Game Grumps

Brent was hired as the Game Grumps manager. He has a large phillange. His duties are basically keeping the Grumps on track and organized, as without management, the Grumps are known to get distracted.

Brent's role is mostly behind-the-scenes, although he has made a few appearances on Game Grumps. In Finding Greatness, Brent logged into Arin's PlayStation Network account to play Battlefront while Arin and Danny were recording, kicking them off of PlayStation Network. After logging back in, Brent kicks them off again. Arin and Dan leave the Grump Room with their microphones and jokingly yell at Brent.

Brent occasionally appears in streams. Notably, he has appeared in Final Showdown, and made a brief appearance in Retro Give Grumps!, where Suzy has to hug him for sixty seconds due to her spin of the Wheel of Pain.

Brent made an appearance in episode two of SuperMega's SpongeBob: Legend of the Lost Spatula series. He was called in by Matt and Ryan and briefly discussed SpongeBob before leaving.


  • Brent is good at making peanut butter.
  • Brent's job is often described as making sure all of the Grumps' keep their pants on. This job seems similar to Suzy's original role on the channel, although her job was described as a secretary. This is also the same description that was previously used to describe Graham's job at Game Grumps.
  • Brent is also known to sign into Arin's PSN account due to it having a paid subscription. This happened on one episode on Bloodborne, when once discovering this, Dan persuaded Arin to go into the other room and chastise Brent.
    • This happened again on the episode Great Job, Brent while playing the PS4 game 100ft Robot Golf
    • Brent has also interrupted Super Mega episode Alien Flicks by signing in once again while Matt and Ryan were using the Game Grump's PS4 account to record.
  • Matt and Ryan have said that Brent almost always starts phone conversations with "what are you wearing?"
  • Brent has never watched SpongeBob.
  • According to Matt and Ryan, Brent has a VERY smelly penis.