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Chad Quandt


Chad Quandt is a writer at DreamWorks Animation and a friend of the Game Grumps.


Chad Quandt was previously a community manager and writer at Maker Studios. It was through this job that Chad met many YouTubers, including the Game Grumps.

Chad left his job at Maker Studios in September 2014. He briefly worked as a community manager at Frederator Networks. In December 2014, Chad was hired as a writer for DreamWorks Animation. He is currently writing for an upcoming animated television show.

Game Grumps[]

Table Flip[]

Chad made his debut on Table Flip playing Slash with Barry, Suzy, Arin, and Dodger. Chad reappeared playing The Game of Things with Barry, Suzy, Dodger, and the cast of Hot Pepper Gaming. He appeared again with the same group, this time playing Snake Oil.

Chad appeared again in the two western-themed Table Flip episodes. In the first, he deals for the game Slap .45 for Barry, Suzy, NateWantsToBattle, and ProJared. In the next episode, he played Bang! with Barry, Suzy, NateWantsToBattle, ProJared, Jirard The Completionist, and Criken.

Give Grumps[]

Chad appeared at the beginning of the Retro Give Grumps! stream. After spinning the Wheel of Pain, Chad had to call his mother and explain the Wolf Job meme to her.

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