Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool
Series Game Grumps
Console SNES
Episodes 1
Playlist One game; one episode.
Run July 31, 2013
Status One-off

  Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool is the sixth one-off game played by Danny and Arin on Game Grumps.

Episode[edit | edit source]

Game information[edit | edit source]

Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool was a 1992 video game that starred Cheetos mascot Chester Cheetah, only released in North America by Kaneko.

The game is composed of simple side-scrolling platform levels. On each level there is a hidden "scooter" part. in game, Chester can dash and stun many enemies by jumping on their heads.

The instruction manual contains a popular Engrish that is recognized by many gamers, "As is Chester Cheetah way, is one-person play." The Engrish spawned due to bad translations and an intent to rhyme in a verse form similar to Dr. Seuss' anapestic tetrameter.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This game's video was released on the same day as the Cool Spot video. Both are one-offs done on product placement SNES platformers (which were also available for the Genesis) from the early 90s made to market edible artificial products with mascots who wear sunglasses and have a "cool" image.
  • This is one of the few games that Danny and Arin have been forced to quit because of a glitch.
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