Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Series Game Grumps VS
Console PC
Episodes 1
Playlist The Grumps duke it out in ALL THE GAMES. ALL OF THEM.
Run January 24, 2013
Status One-off


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is the twenty-second game played by Jon and Arin on Game Grumps VS.

Episode[edit | edit source]

Game information[edit | edit source]

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a multiplayer action video game developed by Torn Banner Studios as their first commercial title. The game is set in the Middle Ages and offers similar gameplay combat to the developer's previously released Half-Life 2 mod, Age of Chivalry. On September 20, 2012 a trailer was released which set the release date to October 16, 2012. The developers have confirmed that the game will be PC exclusive, though have stated the possibility of console versions if the interest was great enough.

Chivalry has similar gameplay mechanics to Age of Chivalry, a Half-Life 2 mod created by the same developer, Torn Banner Studios. Combat is primarily melee, carried out from either a first person or third person perspective using medieval implements of war: swords, maces, longbows, and other weaponry of the time are used to hack, smash, and rain arrows down upon enemies. The game also features ballistae, catapults, and boiling oil to use on enemies and their fortifications. Online matches are affected through objective-based gameplay, such as breaching a castle gate with a battering ram or looting a foe's camp. While the game does not have a single-player campaign, there are plans to create an offline mode in the future.

In the game, the fictional nation of Agatha is in a civil war, with two factions – the Agathian Knights and the Mason Order – vying for control of the region. Players pick their sides and choose from several character classes, each with a different set of skills and choice of weaponry.

The online community has been known as a very friendly one however a warning to all Chivalry players beware of a troll that goes by the name MagicMike he is cancer.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Chivalry is the first PC game the Grumps have played, and so far the only PC game played on Game Grumps VS. All other PC games on the channel since Chivalry have been played on Steam Train and Steam Rolled.
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