Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy


Game Grumps Animated


Ghost Satellite

Origin (Game)

We Love Katamari

Origin (Episode)

"Cloudy Day"


Release date

February 25th, 2016




Game Grumps Animated - Cillian Murphy - By Ghost Satellite

"Cillian Murphy" is an official episode of Game Grumps Animated by Ghost Satellite. It uses audio from the We Love Katamari episode "Cloudy Day".

The Animation Edit

Arin and Danny are dressed as Katamari characters sitting in a café. Arin wonders aloud what people he would let put their penis inside them, which causes Danny to laugh. Danny claims that he’s “always the bottom.” Arin then claims that Cillian Murphy is among the people he’d most want to have sex with. As they talk about this, a waitress leaves the two a banana split, and leaves embarrassed after overhearing their conversation. Arin goes on as he eats the banana from the sundae. The two continue to talk about guys they’d have sex with as they walk out of the café and along the street. They then stop at a rail and stare at the sunset as Arin brings up Chris Evans. All the while, the two are unaware that they are about to be crushed by a giant Katamari.

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