Classic Concentration
Series Grumpcade
Console NES
Episodes 2
Playlist None
Run February 2nd, 2016 - February 3rd, 2016
Status Complete
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Classic Concentration is a NES video game played by Barry and Brian on Grumpcade.

Episodes Edit

  1. Pay Attention!
  2. Finale

Game information Edit

Based on the late-80s and early-90s game show of the same name, and one of several home games produced in its likeness, Classic Concentration has been faithfully reproduced as a fast-paced home game.

Classic Concentration is a memorization/luck contest between two players. A puzzle board is displayed with numbers 1 through 25 on it, which is hiding the gameboard behind it. Every number represents a prize, except for the one number taken at the beginning. There are 11 prizes on the board, with two Wild Cards.

The premise of the game is to match up one prize with its duplicate. When you do this, you win the prize and uncover a little piece of the gameboard, which has a rebus on it. The play ends when a person makes enough matches that they can make out the rebus and solve it. This round of the play ends, and you play best out of three. If you win two rounds, then you get to go to the bonus round. In the bonus round, you had to match up pairs of cars within 35 seconds. If you match all the cars up, you win one of the cars.

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