(Nick Murphy, Paul Ritchey, Josh Henderson)


Continue? is a Philadelphia-based weekly mostly-retro video game show done by friends of Jon Jafari: Nick Murphy, Paul Ritchey, and Josh Henderson. Continue? is a show featured on with JonTron. Jon guest stared on the two-part 'Drunkstravaganza' episode of Continue?. The first part appeared on JonTron's channel and the second appeared on ContinueShow, Continue?'s YouTube channel name, on October 3rd, 2012.

Arin first met the cast of Continue? at MAGFest 11.

Game Grumps Edit

As the cast of Continue? are close friends of Jon's, Jon often talked about them on Template:Game Grumps during his time on the show. In I got yelled at by YouTube for that, Nick called Jon during a recording of Game Grumps and they briefly talked over the phone during the episode.

A common running joke during the Jon era was to have Barry repeat an "epic" gameplay moment while "Ghost Love Score" by Nightwish plays. Jon got this joke from Continue?, who in turn got it from an old meme. In the episode Brain Farts, Jon gives Continue? credit for the running gag and has Barry display a link to their show in the video.

The Continue? crew have also served as the opening act for a Game Grumps Live show in Philadelphia.


  • Despite Arin mentioning in the episode I got yelled at by YouTube for that to Nick Murphy that he loves their show, earlier in a livestream he mentions that he doesn't like it. It's possible that he was being sarcastic when talking to Nick, or that he may have changed his mind.
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