"Thanks for having me..."

"Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (episode)"
Counter-Strike Global Offensive
Series Steam Rolled
Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Description I find your global OFFENSIVE.
Release Date August 24, 2013
Length 11:26
Link Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Steam Rolled
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an episode of Steam Rolled and the only episode of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


  • Barry doesn't talk for much of the episode, much like in Quake III Arena. However, at the end, the other grumps prompt him to see if he has anything to say, to which he sheepishly replies, "Thanks for having me." This is met with loud cheering from the other grumps before the episode is cut off.
    • This is actually not the first time Barry's voice has been heard on the channel. He was clearly heard in the episode Secret Secrets from the Sonic '06 series where Barry edits in Jon's secret video. He was asking for Jon and then yelling horrified after finding out Jon was humping Jacque in the closet.
  • The song Ross sings is actually the theme to the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but with the lyrics changed to be about Berry being the best player of the episode.
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