"Cutscene Quest"
Episode 1
Cursed Mountain Part 1
Series Template:Game Grumps
Game Cursed Mountain
Description Break out the popcorn!
Release Date October 30th, 2015
Length 14:36
Link Cursed Mountain: Cutscene Quest - PART - Game Grumps
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"Legit Fear"

Cutscene Quest is the first episode of Cursed Mountain on Ghoul Grumps.

Intro Message Edit

  • Danny (muffled by static): I'm very close to the microphone.
  • Arin (likewise): ME TOO!
  • Danny bursts into laughter

Discussions Edit

Arin and Danny make fun of the cheapness of the still cutscenes.

The two compare the game to a kid making up rules to a fantasy board game.

Danny guesses the video will be a one-off, but Arin wants to see if he can get farther with the help of a walkthrough.

External links Edit

Subreddit Head Cutscene Quest at the Subreddit

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