Dead Rising 2
Dead Rising 2
Series Game Grumps
Console Xbox 360
Episodes 45
Playlist Dead Rising 2
Run June 10th, 2016 - June 16th, 2016
June 5th, 2017 - June 25th, 2017
July 18th, 2017 - July 31st, 2017
February 28th, 2019
March 6th, 2019
March 8th, 2019
Status Completed

Dead Rising 2 is an Xbox 360 game played by Arin and Danny on Game Grumps.

Episodes Edit

  2. Hacking Away
  3. Stuffed Donkey Rampage!
  4. Batting Practice
  5. Making Bears
  6. Winning Big
  7. Foam Finger Time!
  8. You're On Fire, Dude!
  9. We Love Chad
  10. Japanese Horror v. American Horror
  11. One Sledgehammer and a Little Determination
  12. Huckin' Chuck
  13. Partying with Kristin
  14. The Hunt for Zambrox
  15. The P-Pomintor
  16. Double-Hawk Action
  17. Chuck v. Hippie
  18. Can Vikki Be Saved?!
  19. Just Like Mom Used to Make
  20. Arin Doesn't Listen to Dan the Let's Play
  21. A Beautiful Wedding
  22. Progress?
  23. A New Outfit!
  24. Foam Finger Farewell
  25. Double Trouble
  26. Drink, Drink, Drink!
  27. Stupid Amber
  28. Slappy
  29. I'm About to Break
  30. Journey to the Maintenance Room
  31. Mr. Delivery Man
  32. Beat That Box
  33. Here Comes The Bride!
  34. Lightsaberin' Around
  35. Babe Escort
  36. Dan's First Joke
  37. Texas Grumpsaw Massacre
  38. Cold Blooded Killer
  39. Woozy Arin
  40. Sillygoose Territory
  41. Tammy The Mermaid
  42. Copter Fight
  43. Game Grumps Stream VOD - Dead Rising 2 (2/28/19)
  44. Game Grumps Stream... More Dead Rising 2
  45. Game Grumps Stream... Even more Dead Rising 2!

Game Information Edit

Dead Rising 2 is an open world survival horror beat 'em up video game developed by Canadian company Blue Castle Games and published by Capcom in September 2010 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows video gaming platforms. It is a sequel to Dead Rising, and produced by Keiji Inafune. At the time, Dead Rising 2 became the fastest-selling game on Xbox Live. A sequel, Dead Rising 3, was released in 2013.

The game follows Chuck Greene, a motocross rider, as he tries to survive a zombie outbreak. The game is set in a shopping complex filled with zombies. Players encounter other people, 'survivors', who are often a threat, and can find or craft weapons to help them stay alive.

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