Delicious - Emily's Christmas Carol
Delicious - Emily's Christmas Carol
Series Steam Train
Jingle Grumps
Console PC
Episodes 3 + 3 (currently)
Run December 22nd, 2016 - December 24th, 2016 (Steam Sleigh)

December 23rd, 2017 - present (Jingle Grumps)

Status Quit
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Delicious - Emily's Christmas Carol is a PC game first played by Barry, Arin and Suzy on Steam Sleigh in 2016, and later by Arin and Danny on Jingle Grumps in 2017.


Steam SleighEdit

  1. Quaint and Merry
  2. Waitress Hell
  3. Burnt Bread

Jingle GrumpsEdit

  1. Santa Eats Children
  2. The Last of the Magic Sprinkles
  3. They're Pouring In!

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