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"Destroyer of Friendships"
Episode 1
Super Mario Kart Part 1
Series Grumpcade
Game Super Mario Kart
Description Welcome to our second grumpcade guest, Markiplier!
Release Date May 6th, 2015
Length 14:36
Link Super Mario Kart: Destroyer of Friendships - PART 1 - Grumpcade (Ft. Markiplier)
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"Facing Fears"

"Destroyer of Friendships" is the first episode of Super Mario Kart on Grumpcade. It is the first episode of a video game-related Grump show to feature Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach as a guest host. Mark is the second guest (after ProJared) to feature in Grumpcade.

Gameplay Edit

Ross and Markiplier play the Mushroom Cup on 50cc as Bowser and Yoshi respectively. Ross takes first place with 39 points, and Markiplier gets second with 33 points.

  • Mario Circuit 1: Ross 1st, Markiplier 2nd
  • Donut Plains 1: Markiplier 1st, Ross 2nd
  • Ghost Valley 1: Ross 1st, Markiplier 3rd
  • Bowser Castle 1: Markiplier 1st, Ross 2nd
  • Mario Circuit 2: Ross 1st, Markiplier 2nd

Discussions Edit

Mark brings up Mario Kart 8. He considers it the most fun he's had with Mario Kart since this game. Ross admits he hasn't really played the game since E3. Ross also admits that the Grumps do not own a copy of Mario Kart 64, and finds it hard to believe that no one has sent them the game.

While discussing how they came to choose Super Mario Kart to play and record for Grumpcade, the two hosts mention that they had been looking at and/or playing other games, probably confirming that more Grumpcade series with Markiplier will be released in the future.

Mark makes fun of himself and his shtick on YouTube, implying it isn't very successful despite it having over 5 million subscribers.

The computer game Wacky Races comes up in conversation. Despite acknowledging that it's a ripoff of Super Mario Kart, Ross and Mark both consider the game fun.

Mark claims the Feather item, which appears only in Super Mario Kart, was replaced by the Blue Shell and Bullet Bill items in later games in the series. Mark considers the Blue Shell item to be the "destroyer of friendships."

Ross says that he had his first drink at 14 while talking about Mario Kart DUI. Mark gives his two cents on drinking and culture where alcohol is prevalent.

The two are surprised at the presence of a fifth track in the Mushroom Cup, due to the norm of Mario Kart changing to four tracks per cup in future games.

Quotes Edit

  • "You've built your success on fuck-ups." - Ross =====

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