"Detective Barbie Mystery Cruise"
Series Grumpcade
Game Detective Barbie: The Mystery Cruise
Description The name's Barbie....Detective Barbie
Release Date March 24th, 2016
Length 23:18
Link Detective Barbie Mystery Cruise - Grumpcade (Ft. Comicbookgirl19)
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"Detective Barbie Mystery Cruise" is the first and only episode of Detective Barbie: The Mystery Cruise on Grumpcade.

Discussions Edit

Danika admits that she likes doing "chill" actions, especially actions commonly associated with old people.

Danny brings up how appreciative he is of the fans. Particularly when they are supportive of them talking about their personal lives.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first time Danny appears in a two-player Grumpcade episode.

External Links Edit

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