Dinkles the Buff Nerd
Dinkles the Buff Nerd


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December 25, 2014




Steam Train Animated - Dinkles the Buff Nerd - by Rubberninja

"Dinkles the Buff Nerd" is an episode of Steam Train Animated by Ross. It is taken from the VVVVVV episode Dinkles.

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Arin makes fun of the arrogance of nerds who think they'll be highly revered in the future because of their intelligence. Ross then starts joking that if nerds treated Arin this way in school, he was easily bullied. He then creates a character called "Dinkles," who starts out as a short, fat, stereotypically nerdy kid. This soon changes to Dinkles being 7 feet 12 inches tall and ripped. Dinkles then bullies another nerd, who he shares a "nerd class" with. But Dinkles doesn't stop there, as he picks on football players, calling them nerds as well. The football players do nothing to defend themselves against this. He also calls girls "gay" for flirting with him. He then proceeds to call a random jock a "polynigmion," which the jock eventually learns the meaning of when he gets to Trig 7.

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