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Brooke Leigh Lawson


Brooke Leigh Lawson, better known as Dodger, is a YouTuber. Dodger was formally one of the main hosts of Polaris, previously hosting Friend Zone, which many of the Game Grumps have been featured on.

Game Grumps[]

Dodger appeared in the background of the Steam Rolled episode Kung Foot alongside other members of Polaris such as Markiplier, while Arin, Danny, Ross, and Suzy were participating in the Rayman Legends tournament hosted by Polaris.

Table Flip[]

Dodger appeared as a guest in three episodes of Table Flip. In her first appearance, she played Slash with Barry, Suzy, Arin, and Chad Quandt. She made her next appearance playing The Game of Things with Barry, Suzy, Chad, and the cast of Hot Pepper Gaming, and her final appearance with the same group playing Snake Oil.