Dog's Life
Dog's Life BA
Series Game Grumps
Console PS2
Episodes 1
Playlist One game; one episode.
Run May 4, 2013
Status One-off


Dog's Life is the thirtieth one-off game played by Jon and Arin on Game Grumps. The game was sent in to the show by Elephantman, Elizabeth Blackburn and Justin Wood.

Episode Edit

Game information Edit

One day, Jake witnesses Daisy, a Labrador Retriever whom he has a crush on, being taken away by dogcatchers, and resolves to rescue her. He follows them from the small town of Clarksville, to a mountain resort called Minniwahwah, and finally to Boom City, using information gained from overhearing conversations between humans to track them down. Throughout his adventure he is continually harassed by Killer, a doberman belonging to a dog catcher.

Eventually it is revealed that Miss Peaches, head of a cat food company, is arranging for dogs to be caught, and smuggled to a factory, where they will be made into her cat food. Jake ultimately makes it to the dog pound, and after rescuing a number of dogs and bribing Killer with bones, gains entry to the factory. There, he manages to prevent Daisy from being killed by the machinery as she is taken through it on a conveyor belt, only for Miss Peaches to appear with a shotgun. Jake farts, sending Peaches falling onto the conveyor belt, where she is taken through the machinery which turns her into her own cat food. The epilogue reveals that all the stolen dogs were saved, and that Jake and Daisy are together.

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