"Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (episode)"
Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
Release Date July 19, 2013
Length 19:32
Link Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit - Game Grumps VS
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"Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit" is an episode of Game Grumps VS and the only episode of Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit.


Danny: "Hello, and welcome to Game Grumps, yeah!"

Arin: "Okay."

Matches Edit

Arin and Danny play three rounds, picking random characters on the third round. Only one map is unlocked at the start, forcing them to play on it exclusively.

Arin Danny Winner
Match #1 Krillin Piccolo Danny
Match #2 Goku Piccolo Arin
Match #3 Piccolo Goku Arin


Arin: "Special thanks to Matt Stracham, Sam Beak--Beckius. Beckius."

Danny: "Thank you for the game, guys. We had fun."

Arin: "I love you."

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