Dragon Rage
Dragon Rage
Series Grumpcade
Console PS2
Episodes 1
Run July 7th, 2016
Status One-Off
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Dragon Rage is a PS2 game played as a one-off by Barry and Brian on Grumpcade. It was sent to the show by Jerry, aka Lovely #1,000,000.

Episode Edit

Game Information Edit

Dragon Rage is a dragon shooter game, where Cael flies around breathing fire, ice, lightning, and giant rock boulders. If Cael eats 5 cows, he can earn a fury attack. The first level trains Cael and the player to use dragon powers. Other levels include rescuing dragon eggs and sprites, destroying fortresses, passing through magical gates, and stopping orcs. The controls are simple and include barrel rolls, picking up rocks, and activating other dragon powers.

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