Drawn to Life
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Series Grumpcade
Console DS
Episodes 1
Playlist None
Run July 30th, 2015
Status One-Off
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Drawn to Life is a Nintendo DS game played as a one-off by Ross and Arin on Grumpcade.

Episode[edit | edit source]

Game Information[edit | edit source]

Drawn to Life is a 2D game where the player must draw their own character, weapons and accessories, platforms, and objects. The game is separated into three different modes:

Village Mode — A top-down, central hub where the player progresses the story and interacts with the Raposa, purchases items from the item shop using rapo-coins collected in Adventure Mode, and accesses levels. Players draw different items at the Raposa's request to enrich their village. Over the course of the game in Village Mode, the player will play minigames, participate in a town festival, hunt for a thief, and help the Raposa thrive. Here players are given their objective for the next Adventure Mode level.

Drawn to Life screenshot

There are three main buildings in this mode - Creation Hall, where players can edit their previous creations, and the item shop, where players can purchase songs, patterns, stamps, and even new abilities for their hero. Also, there is a wishing well in which players can dump rapo-coins to get prizes. The 10,000 rapo-coin grand prize is Developer's Grove, where the Hero can meet sprites of the game's developers.

Adventure Mode — A side-scrolling platformer with 16 levels. Here, the player battles enemies, rescues Raposa, and collects items. Players draw platforms that allow them to progress through the level. The levels exist in one of four different worlds: Ice, Forest, Tropical, and City, each world with its own boss.

Players are tasked with rescuing three Raposa and four pieces of a page from the Book of Life, which will be used to create a new village object. Players can also collect secret orbs that will then unlock and be purchasable in the item shop. In each section of the levels, players tap on an easel icon to enable Draw Mode, which tells the player to draw a new type of platform or object. Once drawn, the player goes back to Adventure Mode and can then interact with the newly drawn object.

Draw Mode — The tool through which players create new objects, weapons, and their hero. This is done through the stylus and Touch Screen. Once drawn, objects and the hero will animate. The player can design up to three different humanoid heroes using a variety of colors, patterns, and stamps. Character creation also features 15 pre-made character templates which can be traced, or have their body parts used for those who are less artistic. The game's title screen can be drawn and saved, so players can make their own unique title screen.

Players can trade their drawn heroes and other objects via local Wi-Fi only.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first DS game played on the Game Grumps channel.
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