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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a game for PC both developed and published by the Game Grumps. The game features a number characters voiced by the Grumps and number of other guest YouTubers.

Game Grumps involvement[]

Dream Daddy was written and created by Vernon Shaw and Leighton Grey. Programmers and artists for the game were given space in the Grump Office to work in, as shown in the video "Game Grumps Office Tour!". The Game Grumps brand was responsible for funding and promoting the game, which is advertised as "A game from Game Grumps". Arin, Danny, Barry, Brian and Suzy contributed voice acting to the game.

There has been some debate as to whether Game Grumps should be considered a developer or a publisher for Dream Daddy. Although Vernon is a co-creator, designer and writer for the game, no other Game Grumps members were responsible for designing the game, and the role the channel took in investing and promoting the game is more akin to a publisher than developer.

After the release of the game, Arin tweeted "we are a game studio now"[1]. Vernon also expressed his belief that "we can confidently say that Game Grumps is a game studio now"[2], clarifying that he considers "Game Grumps" an "artist collective" encompassing the Game Grumps YouTube channel, Ninja Sex Party, Ross's animation work, Starbomb and now Dream Daddy[3].

Voice Acting[]

The game features Game Grumps personalities in the following roles:


The game is a dating simulator where you play as a dad (the Player Character) who must romance one of seven different dads while also managing your paternal relationship with your daughter, Amanda.


  • Grumpcade and Doodle Doods guest Julian criticized the game on his Tumblr page. In his post he said "having watched its development and played a beta build, I just don’t think anybody cared about creating a quality product while making it because they knew it’d get good reviews for “virtue signaling” or whatever it’s called by people smarter than me."[4]


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