"Dreamy Obama"
Episode 6
Series Game Grump
Game Mega Man X
Description You ever had a dream where...
Release Date November 2nd, 2016
Length 18:23
Link MegaMan X: Dreamy Obama - PART 6 - Game Grump
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"Dreamy Obama" is the sixth episode of Arin's solo playthrough of Mega Man X on Game Grump.

Game Progress Edit

After beating Sting Chameleon, Arin moves on to fight Launch Octopus. He then takes another stab at fighting Boomer Kuwanger, and finally defeats him.

Discussions Edit

Arin mentally prepares himself for fighting against some of the bosses in the Sigma levels, such as Bosspider and Rangda Banga.

Arin talks about situations where he's wanted to meet and befriend famous people in the past. He also talks about a dream he had where he met Barack Obama, and how he seemed very relaxed, unlike how the real Obama is likely to be. He then goes on to describe some other recurring dreams he's had.

Arin decides to send out a tweet asking for question for him to answer, since it's difficult for him to come up with conversation topics by himself. He also reflects on his old panels, which he treated like they were stand-up performances, and which got a great response. He claims to find most Q&A panels very boring, so he tries to spice things up.

Arin also commends Danny for his social skills, despite him being more introverted than Arin is, and talks about how Danny tends to take center stage at their panels. He also claims to enjoy the pressure of having to entertain people by himself, either during his solo panels or doing a solo LP, while he tends to be more subdued in groups. Arin also mentions how many meetings he has to attend, either representing himself or Game Grumps, and how draining they can be. He then moves on to talking about some of the problems of working in a creative industry.

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