Electronic Super Joy
Series Steam Train
Console PC
Episodes 4
Playlist Dan and Ross feel the rhythm and jump to the beat! Aaaaannnddd try to stop evil space pope Ross.
Run March 15, 2014 - March 19, 2014
Status Hiatus
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Electronic Super Joy is the 42nd game played by Ross and Danny on Steam Train.


  1. Feel the Rhythm
  2. Dubsteppin'
  4. Filled with Rage

Game InformationEdit

The game is a humorous platformer following a human character as he navigates a music-drenched world seeking revenge for his stolen butt. The player is able to run, jump(sometimes fly, or double jump on levels), and "smash", an attack that causes the character to drop directly downwards. Obstacles include mazes, special surfaces that impede or otherwise affect the player's movement, moving levels that force the player to move quickly, and enemies, some of which shoot missiles. The player passes numerous checkpoints in game levels that they resume from if they die.

The original prototype name was called Techno Ninja. It had 20 minutes of gameplay in one long level, using one color style (Pink) and only one of EnV's music tracks. The player had the ability to double jump & ground-pound ('Smash' in the game's terminology). The game was intended to initially release in 2012, but missed that date, released on August 23, 2013. The game contains 45 levels in three worlds, with a boss fight taking several levels at the end of each world. A recent update added another world and 3 bonus levels, themed on the jungle and winter, respectively. The fourth world can only be accessed after the player has collected all of the 22 'Stars' scattered across various levels.

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  • The game is modified to refer directly to Danny and Ross at certain points. The Pope is even renamed " Pope Ross."

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