Elevator Action
Elevator Action.png
Series Grumpcade
Game Grumps
Console NES
Episodes 1+1
Playlist None
Run November 17th, 2015
April 4th, 2017
Status One-Off
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Elevator Action is an NES game played by Arin, Barry, and Brian as a one-off on Grumpcade, and as a one-off played by Arin and Danny on Game Grumps

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Game Information[edit | edit source]

Elevator Action (エレベーターアクション Erebētā Akushon?) is a 1983 arcade game by Taito. It debuted during the Golden Age of Arcade Games.

The player assumes the role of a spy who infiltrates a building filled withelevators. He must collect secret documents from the building and traverse the 30 floors of the building using an increasingly complex series of elevators. The player is pursued by enemy agents who appear from behind closed doors. These agents must be dealt with via force or evasion. Successful completion of a level involves collecting all the secret documents and traversing the building from top to bottom. In the lower floors of the building, the elevator systems are so complex that some puzzle-solving skills are needed.

The game was available as a standard upright cabinet The controls consist of a 4-way joystick and two buttons, one for "shoot" and the other for jumping and kicking. The maximum number of players is two, alternating turns. The graphics are extremely simple, 2D color graphics and in-game music was composed by musician Yoshio Imamura. The game was followed by a sequel,Elevator Action II (also known as Elevator Action Returns).

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Elevator Action is mentioned by name in the Starbomb song "The Simple Plot of Metal Gear Solid."
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