Everybody's Clooney
Everybody's Clooney


Game Grumps Animated


Lemony Fresh

Origin (Game)

Trauma Center: Second Opinion

Origin (Episode)

Operation Choperation


Release date

June 25th, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - Everybody's Clooney - by Lemony Fresh

Everybody's Clooney is an official Game Grumps Animated by Lemony Fresh. It uses audio from the Trauma Center: Second Opinion episode Operation Choperation.

The Animation Edit

Dr. Clarks (voiced by Danny) is instructed to do an operation with Derek (who is eating paste) assisting. Danny and Arin burst into laughter and come to the realization that both of them sounded like George Clooney. At that moment, everyone around them has a face like George Clooney and have his voice (mostly voiced by Arin). Even the dog has George Clooney's voice and head. The dog attacks a nurse during the operation.

In the stinger, Danny declares how proud he was of his acting, and Arin declares it got him a nomination for an Emmy, though he didn't win. Danny still says "Danny wins," however, and Arin brings up Leonardo DiCaprio, who never won an Emmy. However, he originally says Grammy, which Danny points out isn't likely due to never making an album and not being a musician.

Trivia Edit

  • Arin and Danny likely meant Oscar instead of Emmy during the ending of the video. Emmys are television-based awards, and Oscars are movie-based. Leonardo DiCaprio has never been nominated for an Emmy, but he has been nominated for some Oscars, and didn't win one until he won the Oscar for Best Actor for his lead role in the film The Revenant in the 2016 88th Acadamy Awards.

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