For this series' unofficial finale, see Finale? (Undertale).
Episode 23
Undertale Part 23
Series Steam Train
Game Undertale
Description Is THIS the end???
Release Date November 9th, 2015
Length 59:20
Link Undertale: FINALE!?! - PART 23 - Steam Train
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"Nothing Lives!"
FINALE!?! is the twenty-third and final episode of Undertale on Steam Train.

Game Progress Edit

Ross confronts Asgore again to find the alternate ending. Tori stops a battle between Spoopy and Asgore from happening, and shames Asgore for his actions. This leads to Ross talking with the monsters he befriended throughout the game, only for Flowey to capture them. Flowey attempts to kill Ross’ character, but his friends protect him from the final blow. This leads into a battle with Asriel. During the fight, he saves his friends from Asriel’s grip until Asriel gives in to compassion to the protagonist.

After signing off, Ross and Barry show a message from Flowey, telling them they can reset everything if they want.

Trivia Edit

At the end of this episode, Ross brings up the possibility of the Grumps streaming a “genocide” playthrough of this game.

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