"FINALE (Mario Party 6)" is the seventh and final episode of Mario Party 6 on Game Grumps VS.

"FINALE (Mario Party 6)"
Episode 7
Mario Party 6 Part 7 (FINALE)
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Mario Party 6
Description It's the end of Mario Party 6. Also, Arin does something amazing.
Release Date October 3rd, 2018
Length 16:16
Link Mario Party 6: FINALE - PART 7 - Game Grumps VS
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Match Progress Edit

Turn 18 ends with Danny in the lead with two stars, and Danny, Arin and Waluigi all approaching the star space. During the turn, Waluigi rolls three dice, steals some coins from Arin and then fights him in a duel for an additional coin.

On turn 19, Danny hits an event space that rotates Bowser's boat away from the star space. Arin decides to use a Mushroom Orb to spin two dice and get the star, getting two 10s. However, he passes through Waluigi's trap space unaware of the fact that it invalidates one of his rolls (the second 10), landing just one space away from the star space and rotating the boats again.

On the very last turn, Danny accidentally rolls high and lands on the star space with Bowser active, costing him a star. Waluigi manages to snag his first star, and Arin is forced to pass the star space immediately afterwards, costing him his only star.

After the last turn, the bonus stars are awarded: Arin earns the minigame star and the orb star, and Danny and Waluigi earn the action star. This leaves Arin, Danny and Waluigi tied for stars, and Arin claims the win by virtue of having the most coins.

Minigames Edit

R18) "Ray of Fright" (1v3) => Winners: Yoshi, Peach, & Waluigi

Duel Minigame #2) "Cog Jog" (Waluigi vs. Peach for 2 coins) => Winner: Waluigi

R19) "Circuit Maximus" (4-Player) => Winner: Peach

R20) "Lift Leapers" (4-Player) => Winner: Peach

R21) "Catch You Letter" (4-Player) => Winners: Yoshi & Peach

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