"Feeling Nothing"
Episode 6
Series Steam Train
Game Undertale
Description NO EMPATHY!
Release Date January 13th, 2016
Length 25:45
Link Undertale Genocide: Feeling Nothing - PART 6 - Steam Train
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"Feeling Nothing" is the sixth episode of the Undertale Genocide run on Steam Train.

Gameplay Edit

After a moment of silence in memory of Papyrus, Ross and Barry move onward to Waterfall, slaughtering everyone and everything in their path.

Discussions Edit

Ross and Barry are noticeably dejected for the first few minutes of the episode, mourning Papyrus' death.

Ross talks about his Christmas, and how he bought a WiiU and a few games for his cousin's kids who were in the middle of a rough patch.

Barry and Ross talk about Undertale as a game that teaches empathy to players, and wonder about what it would be like to get convicts to play the game.

Ross talks about story structure, and how he and Arin have been reading up on the subject while working on their show Gameoverse. The specific example Ross brings up is Dan Harmon's story structure circle, which he and Arin found applicable to almost any story. Ross also commends Arin's skills as a writer. Barry brings up the classic Hero's Journey, and how it applies to the game Journey despite the game not having any spoken dialogue. Ross also talks about how Gene Roddenberry's ideas for the Star Trek universe impacted the writing of Star Trek: The Next Generation, leading to a lack of conflict in the show.

Ross and Barry talk about other games that make the player feel bad for fighting the enemies, such as Shadow of the Colossus.

Ross and Barry are both surprised by how well Undertale has performed, though Barry remarks that he would not want Toby to make a sequel to the game. Ross and Barry also spend some more time talking about Gaster, who is presumably the former royal scientist before Alphys, and is the third skeleton after Papyrus and Sans.

Trivia Edit

Ross mentions that they're filming the episode on Arin's birthday, January 6th.

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