For this series' true finale, see FINALE!?!.

"Next time on fucking Steam train, we're gonna get that motherfucker; We're gonna get him, and he's gonna be dead!"
Ross O'Donovan (At the end of the episode)

Episode 20
Undertale Part 20
Series Steam Train
Game Undertale
Description Is this the end!?!
Release Date November 6th, 2015
Length 28:46
Link Undertale: Finale? - PART 20 - Steam Train
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"Finale?" is the twentieth episode of Undertale on Steam Train.

Game Progress Edit

Ross and Barry attempt to continue the game, and confront Flowey. However, Flowey proves to be incredibly difficult. After two deaths, Barry is able to make some progress in the fight, as the file automatically saves at certain points in the fight. After perserverence, Barry is able to deal significant damage to Flowey, and seems to emerge victorious. When giving the choice between finishing Flowey off and sparing him, he tries to spare him. Flowey tries to convince him otherwise, though he’s unsuccessful. Though the game seems to have been finished, Ross and Barry preface that they will be continuing with further content in the game.

Discussions Edit

Ross and Barry briefly pretend that they’re playing Steam at the beginning of the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being labeled as a finale, this does not mark the end of the Undertale playthrough. Even in the episode, Ross and Barry note that they would like to continue with post-game content, including alternate endings.
    • This is the third(?) time a series has gone on past an episode labeled "Finale" or some variant thereof. The first of these was with Kirby's Dream Course, which was brought back months after the initial finale. Another use of this was in the 8th episode of House Party, which was then changed when the series was continued.

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