Finding Teddy II
Finding Teddy II
Series Steam Train
Console PC
Episodes 4
Playlist Finding Teddy II
Run July 12th, 2015 - July 15th, 2015
Status Hiatus
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Finding Teddy II is a PC game played by Ross and Barry on Steam Train.

Episodes Edit

  1. Ross'd in Translation
  2. Sneaky and Cheeky
  3. Open Sesame
  4. Evil Baby

Steam Information Edit

Tarrant needs help…

Finding Teddy 2 is a 2D Adventure / Action game with a Pixel Art Retro finish. Help Tarrant in a quest, in which you will have to fight, use your sense of direction and hearing to accomplish your mission.

Key points

  • Very long playing time, over 20 hours for the main quest. Dozens of hours for the secondary quests! 
  • Beautiful Pixel Art Finish that takes us back to the 8-16 bit era, with modern effects. 
  • Unique use of music with the Musicom. 
  • A high level challenge and difficulty that all Gamers will love. 
  • An Action / Adventure type game which is all too rare nowadays.

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Finding Teddy II

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