Fly in the House
Series Steam Train
Console PC
Episodes 1
Run March 17th, 2015
Status One-Off
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Fly in the House is a PC game played by Ross, Kevin and Barry as a one-off. It was played for the St Patrick's Day spin-off of Steam Train, known as Stout Train.

Episodes Edit

  1. Fly in the House

Steam Game Information Edit

You're back home after a few years of traveling. When you walked into your apartment, memories came flooding back to you. Many questions require answers. You start to wonder what's wrong with your life, but suddenly notice a fly in the house. Everything else is forgotten and replaced with one burning desire - kill the fly! 

Hunt for the fly and destroy your apartment. 

Hunt for the fly and don't destroy your apartment. 

Forget the damn fly and simply destroy everything!! 

Pick up objects, crash them and smash them. Earn points, collect ranks, search hidden objects and find the answers and reveal unexpected mysteries. 

Shooting people and alien creatures is easy. A first person shooter targeting a pesky fly is the test of a real gamer!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first game that Kevin has played on the entirety of the Game Grumps channel.

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